Gates and Railings. 

Hynes Manufacturing Services thrives on giving excellent quality Customer Service. We specialise in hand crafted wrought iron entrance Gates to your  required design and sizes, both manual and automatic, which will add elegance and security to your property.  All gates and Railings are hot dip - galvanised and can be spray painted or powder coated to give you many years free from maintenance.

General Welding and Steel Fabrication.

We offer custom fabrication and welding of steel products. We cover many types of work such as steel brackets and conservatory frames to the construction industry.

                       Electric Gates.

Arm operators are sleek, modern and fit neatly on the rear face of the gate. These operators are easier to fit and lower cost than the underground systems but are slightly more obtrusive. 

The underground operator for each gate leaf is contained in a secure steel foundation box concreted into the ground at the base of the pillar. The system is unobtrusive and visually very neat - all that shows is the steel lid.

                       Timber Gates. 

All our timber gates are boarded in top quality Western Red Cedar, one of the world's most durable woods. Properly finished, Western Red Cedar will last for decades,even in harsh environments, it's natural resistance to moisture and decay make it the ideal choice where it is exposed to sun, rain, heat, and cold all year round.